Portal Protect

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From the creator of "KBS", the shittiest movie with over 3 million views, now finally comes a new game after 5 years of disappearance, Unknown911 brings you, along with DashDesigns and DTG, Portal Protect!
-- Update 07.05 --
KBS is celebrating its 6th birthday!
and damn, Frontpage!! thanks :D
-- Update 05/05 --
Fixed the Level display font (it was Times Roman, now it's fixed to the proper font)
Fixed Preloader (no more white screen in the beginning)
Thanks for all your helpful comments!! I have an RPG comin' up ;)
-- Update --
Added: Music on/off

Hey guys, I'm back in NG (damn...), and yeah, my Flash skills are better than before (mind me, I was a kiddo back when KBS was out, heh). This is basically a shootin' game without any clicking. I'd really like some nice suggestions to possibly make a sequel with better powerups and different settings for the levels... Thanks for playing!



when i started playing this, i expected to be bored as hell.... i usually hate these kind of games... but this one was actuallypretty cool for awhile.... is it possible to lose though?? or is it just until you get bored or your computer blows up??

Decent, but...

What the hell did those powerups do? Just put "Pumped up" at the back of the screen? WHAT DID THEY DO!?!?

unknown911 responds:

Pumped Up = Files are 2x bigger
Kamikazi(e) = Erases all files on the screen
Lightspeed = Triples the falling speed
Dropdown = Files don't rotate and fall down twice as fast
Supersize: Mouse size is tripled (can grab more files)
Dizzy: Files fall down 50% slower and rotate twice as much
Funnel: All files concentrate into 1 line

I have an idea for this

You should add a ranking system based on the Newgrounds blam/protect levels. After you lose from blamming too much good stuff or protecting too much crap, you could be rated based on how many B/P's you had (I doubt anyone would have the patience to get to Elite Guard though lol)

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A good game

A good idea, but not very interesting. Got me bored real fast, and it wasn't much of a challenge.

This Idea had to co0me sometime

I'm actually surprised no one has done this before. Still a nice game, very fluid and good looking, and lots of fun

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3.64 / 5.00

May 4, 2006
4:24 PM EDT
Skill - Collect