MtM: The Concept

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This is part of my university work. I had to design a false game concept and say how it would play as well as showing some of the in-game action. This was my result. Mission to Medieville, a mission-based point-and-click adventure game.

I guess you could call this my first drawn flash if you want, considering it's the first time I've not used sprites in any shape or form. It's not great, and it's also really text-heavy in parts (sorry) but hopefully some people should get a laugh out of it. I need to work on background art in Flash more I guess...

Anyway, enjoy or whatever.



film bete. interet au lau reccomende pour la famile

ShadowWarriorLuke responds:

Famille a deux l's. Mais merci.


Well this was entertaining, but one thing i noticed was the "HEADS" of your characters seemed small compared to there massive bodies, it was sorta funny, as for the animation it was a good story and showed some decent effeort to it, so nice work.

Small heads kinda funny.


ShadowWarriorLuke responds:

Yeah, I'm working to improve the graphics for if/when I make a full version of this game.

I was told that the characters look like Samus in terms of head-to-shoulder proportions. Anyway, glad you enjoyed.


I actually got very disapointed when i understood that i didn't get to play the game, maybe there was some signs that told me this is just 'Telling' about the game, still IT ROCKED.
Hope you do the game soon ;)

ShadowWarriorLuke responds:

Thanks. Making the game will probably be something I do in my second year.


looks promissing good luck with the rest of the project.
Two notes:
Am I a slow reader or is the text going too fast?
For some reason the begining of the song beat reminds of the A team.....

ShadowWarriorLuke responds:

Probably goes too fast. Then again, I'm a fast reader anyway.

too wordy.


ShadowWarriorLuke responds:

Yeah, I tend to do that a lot...

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2.67 / 5.00

May 4, 2006
10:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Original