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A Short Film about Lying

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Author Comments

Well, certainly!

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Any help in understanding this would be much appre

Really odd.

Was there any lying within the movie?

I gather that the flower gives him a drunken idea to settle down on the moon, but really feel that the meaning of this movie eludes me somewhat.

Any help in understanding this would be much appreciated.

Your choice of music and voices throughout is excellent throughout and it was intriguing enough to enjoy a couple of times.


This was a neat idea with all the different stuff happening, and i must say some nice artwork aswell as good animation so props to you on this nice animation with abit of humor and it was just plain entertaining so nice job all around.

Some file reduction would be a great start.

Entertaining and amusing flash with a neat idea.


What a timeframe

4 years from lying in a puddle of chunder to becoming an astronaut. Very tricky stuff.

Excellent work

No idea where it was going to go from the title and first scene, lots of interesting themes then BOOM! house on the moon. It's what we all want deep inside I think. That and some cake.

very much like a thinking man's (or woman's) k911

Sean, you've been my brother for I don't know how long, but I won't let that influence my opinion of this piece of work.

Speaking of being brothers, have you talked to Mom lately? It seems she's cooking up some sort of stew... eggplant stew. Literally. No, just kidding.

I will preface this review with an important point: even though Newgrounds users never fail to surprise even hardened cynics like ourselves, when it comes right down to it we don't expect anything of them, and so the other reviews (almost all of them, it would seem) should, upon my (certified) recommendation, be disregarded completely.

Now on to my actual review. Brilliant! Sean, something you may or may not realize that you have is an absolutely dead-on sense of timing. And you can't buy a sense of timing, you know? Sense of timing is EVERYTHING. Although I think I secretly wish you had made the flower scene a little bit longer (maybe even a little abstract...but hey, now I'm just getting crazy), the fact is that it flows perfectly. It's the little things that I really notice, like the way the music starts a bit before the change of scene. You have an instinct for these things, and look, my friend, you're still young, so life can only get better.

Incidentally (or perhaps not so incidentally), I'm not sure who you got to do the voices, but he did a very good job.

It goes fast, and warrants repeated viewings. It points to the inevitability of our estrangement from everything that is considered 'normal.' Is anyone actually normal? In the beginning he's escaping, but has anything changed by the end? He's still escaping, this time to the moon! I guess my question is: is there no escape from escape in this life? Perhaps not, or perhaps it lies outside the reach of the average mod. But no matter what the answer may be, I know I'll be contemplating it heavily this eve, owing to the intellectual stimulation provided by this piece.

To quote a very old saying: "Sleep tight, mates, in your quilted Chambray nightshirts."

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

May 3, 2006
7:43 PM EDT