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Out For Drinks (part 2)

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Please watch part 1 first.
sorry for not submiting it ealier but my computer screwed up.

This is part 2 of a project i did for art with some friends last year. I like to call it a schoolyard zombie story.

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This was notbad, but could be improved on, i liked what you had but first off the file was very large and should be atleast half, just because alot of us have slow connections and computers, nice job though.

Reduce the size for starters.

Funny entertainment but needs some reduction.



Who wants to watch a 320x240 pixelated film? Try submitting to a film review portal next time, newgrounds is for Flash art.

Try better

If you're making a movie using film, make a story board, choose camera positions, and don't start unprepared.

The guy who was holding the camera was shaking and I couldn't see what was happening, atleast not good enough.

And credit your music next time please, I remember that first song from a long time ago, but now I can't find out what it was because you didn't credit the author.

Not for here...

Submit it to channel101.com, you might actually stand a chance.

wtf dude.. W-T-F

That hasn't got the slightest thinf to do with anything, was that even using flash. And not to mention it was a pointless pile of crap. Please, please don't make others again.

If you do, I will burn them down. All the rest will die along with this one.