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Bens Journey Through Life

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Author Comments

EDIT: Fixed swordsplay scene. Sound synchronised now and the scene has become 200% cooler

So this is a flash movie that I'm supposed to be doing for my course. We are to make a flash that shows ur past present and future. I spent a lot of time on 'The Future'. Make sure you watch that part. :)

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I like your future! Only thing was the battle scene wasn't flowing that well. But overall, very good^^ You got my 5 stars

(( Decent work ))

This was a nice animation, however i did think the file was abit large, so you may want to cut it down in future works, but as for this one it was good stuff, nice characters and kinda funny, so nice job on this one.

Some slight compression would be the key. other then that it was very impressive.

A decent animation abit long in downloading. but nice artwork and kinda funny.


NightShadowTWO responds:

hi guy remember when 3MB was a "big" file? I found that to be hillarious!

Very Original

I liked your own idea of your childhood, it made me think back to my days going to school on the bus. The graphics could use a little work but only in movemnets, maybe a little more clear. The idea itself way amazing, a very nice project to think of for yourself. There was a quick question I had about the heart behind your head when your friend came up, I don't know if you'll see this but it was just a random thought. The ending quote was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing, great work.

NightShadowTWO responds:

it seems a lot of people are confused with the hearts. you see, the friend who came up recieved a call from his girlfriend and the hearts popped up, and just happen to appear behind the main characters head. so those hearts represent his lovely feelings. not the main characters.


well, I love the fantasmal efforts put in the rather corny (g'damn anime geek!) ending of the queue of your life stages, and i thought intros and production logos were very proffessional.

only thing that could use some work is the rather crappy fight scene...and yes...the gay ass pirates (new age pirates with metal swords? get real, it'll take years before even halo fantasy swords become logical means of genocide)


its funny cuz you think your cool
ur in high school and dont have a girlfriend?
i agree with that Radinomo guy
not only that but it appears as if you are semi-reatarded
in your deleted scene u said that 15% + 50 was 75
im assuming that the 15% was out of 100
therefore 15% of 100 + 50 is 65
not 75
since your ego is so high apparently...
I would rate you right in terms of "coolness" in middle of the creepy kid sniffing the urinals and reading about the civil war, and that ugly kid listening to bad music and singing along.
It may just me my personallity
but i dont like you kind of people.
so... what im saying is...
but to be nice...
i guess you do have nice flash skills
ill vote higher if you dont have such stupid stories
so make things different and i might be more nice
but right now...
u suck