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*NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF AN 8-PART SAGA. I did all I could to make a decent RECAP so guys that are new to this don't necessarily have to sit through 7 other episodes (but it would be cool if you did!!)

So yeah, if you're new, please read the recap so you understand what's happening.
Anyway, this is the final episode of Erik the Juiceman: The Mike Saga. Sorry it's taken so long to complete this, but here you go. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Big big thanks to Nikon Kitty, Jane Chu, and Audrey Penven for helping me out on this animation.


awww come on

over the years u have really goten better i just wached all of this siries but fureal man this siriosly cant be the end in the emortal words of the x-men saga "there is aways room for a sequal" plz make at least 1 more
or maby a gag reel of it or maybe a montage just to say farwell to this awsome series im gonna miss this sieries very much and to comemorate u ur going on my favorites


I just watched the whole series.. it was pretty damn neat! And very funny. And the ending was sweet, lol. ^_^ Make more!!


That was really, really good. I watched the first one expecting to be annoyed because I really didn't feel like watching an entire series, but after that, I wanted to keep going, and it felt like it got better and better, but it was really just that it was awesome all along and it was sort of building up over time. The story of Satan and Emily was really good, and Mike as a catalyst was interesting and well-played, and all the other characters were funny as well as attention-keeping. Every time it would deviate from the Satan/Emily story I'd feel contempt, but then something genuinely surprising would happen and I wouldn't mind the break in the main plot. You guys should do this sort of thing more often. I can't think of a time when a series like this has impressed me so much. The entire time I was watching I kept thinking about how much this would rule as a live action movie, if not verbatim then at least as a story. Girl loves guy, guy hates/loves girl, someone else steps in as the antagonist but it turns out they're cool, etc. Just, good. Hooray.


you fucking suck i bet that a little 3 year old can do better than that!!!!!! I mean honestly jesus if poop made this thats awesome but U Su...........ha ha jk. I got you good lol. That was really awesome. Front page looks like. Ill watch all of them some other time. =) hey can you give me tips for me because im a ten part series based on the wall album by pink floyd. any how GREAT JOB LOVE IT AND FUCK YOU!!!!!! jk.

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this brings me back a while, you should make more EP!

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May 2, 2006
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