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*NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF AN 8-PART SAGA. I did all I could to make a decent RECAP so guys that are new to this don't necessarily have to sit through 7 other episodes (but it would be cool if you did!!)

So yeah, if you're new, please read the recap so you understand what's happening.
Anyway, this is the final episode of Erik the Juiceman: The Mike Saga. Sorry it's taken so long to complete this, but here you go. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Big big thanks to Nikon Kitty, Jane Chu, and Audrey Penven for helping me out on this animation.


Freaking Awsome, Dude!!!!

Oh dude, I'm like laughing my butt of from this series and I just love it so much... I'm cracking up like heck... You have to make more :D You do awsome drawing and the fights were really cool...

Funny crap! make more!

Having been lazy and living in an apartment with countless other people, I find this way too funny. I love that fact that the Erik character is really played down, focusing more on the hijinx of his friends. I can tell that Erik is based off of the writer. I enjoyed all of your episodes and really think you should make more.


Hey, Im acecmc or as most know me, Voku, as you might have guess, Im a dbz/gt fan too, i dont know what the last guy was on about when he say the graphics were crap, i loved them, i love this series, i like the way the graphics switch from simple one shaded colours to detailed ones, I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no f-ing way...

due...this iz the best seriz in the world EVER!!! and you are not like most male flash animators, after watching a lot of stuff on NG i realized that a lot of flasales (male flash animators) work mostly on their women character appearance...you concentrated on EVERY character, not just the girl, unlike most flasales, u r DEFINITLY NOT a pervert...great seriz though, i hope 2 see more of ur work in the future, especially on ERIK THE JUICEMAN shorts...NOT a regular flasale...THIS HIT MY FAVS LIST!!!!...wat were u expecting? more?...get lost u readaholics!...na jk...but seriously, WATCH THE SERIZ ALREADY!...

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that series was awsome

episode seven and this one are the only things on newgrounds that actualy made me laugh out loud^^ that guy soudenly shouting i need to shit in ep7 just totaly got me :D

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May 2, 2006
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