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*NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF AN 8-PART SAGA. I did all I could to make a decent RECAP so guys that are new to this don't necessarily have to sit through 7 other episodes (but it would be cool if you did!!)

So yeah, if you're new, please read the recap so you understand what's happening.
Anyway, this is the final episode of Erik the Juiceman: The Mike Saga. Sorry it's taken so long to complete this, but here you go. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Big big thanks to Nikon Kitty, Jane Chu, and Audrey Penven for helping me out on this animation.



All the episodes are great (although the italian fruit merchant was getting boring) and the last few were works of art. Great job, really looking forward to hear more from Erik the Juiceman!


I expected no less ;)

Great work man, so fast from 70%-100% complete on making this!

Cheers for the credits too :D Voted: FIVE OWNAGE POINTS

Are you going to...

A question to the Series Creator: Are you going to work on any new projects. I love the style and sense of humor but I'd like to see you try to make new stories. I think you are great at creating memorable characters and you have worked the formula of the juiceman series enough. Time to work on new projects. If interested in collaborating in a new avant garde script writing project email me, check profile

sum good shit.

this is my score for the entire series, not just this flash.

anyway, I wanted Satan to win. (not the real satan.)
thats why i fuckin voted zero on your ass.
But I do hope this is the END of the series. any more and the whole "the end" shit would would be messed up.
but anyway, have fun with your new zero.
and if you eve have a story with characters with the name god and satan again, I'll kick your ass.


mann i have neva sat through 8 episodes and i did that was definetley the shittt mannnnn keep up the work

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May 2, 2006
10:09 PM EDT
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