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*NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF AN 8-PART SAGA. I did all I could to make a decent RECAP so guys that are new to this don't necessarily have to sit through 7 other episodes (but it would be cool if you did!!)

So yeah, if you're new, please read the recap so you understand what's happening.
Anyway, this is the final episode of Erik the Juiceman: The Mike Saga. Sorry it's taken so long to complete this, but here you go. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Big big thanks to Nikon Kitty, Jane Chu, and Audrey Penven for helping me out on this animation.


Are you going to...

A question to the Series Creator: Are you going to work on any new projects. I love the style and sense of humor but I'd like to see you try to make new stories. I think you are great at creating memorable characters and you have worked the formula of the juiceman series enough. Time to work on new projects. If interested in collaborating in a new avant garde script writing project email me, check profile


DUDE U FUKEN ROCK MAN, GREAT SERIES N SHIT MAN FARRRR OUT... EXCEEEELLENT BRO! anywaiis i didnt really have time to watch the short ones n the festival ones so ima waiit till next week aight dude.. peace out n u fuken rock oi, i expect to see more from u soon (hopefully)

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Loved this series

Even though I KNEW it wouldnt happen I was fdying to see Mike and Emily together. Anyways, great story. I loved how each charecter was drawn in a slightly diffrent style. you really wrapped the story up nicely (even if it wasnt the way I wanted!).

Very good work.

While I haven’ gotten to see any of your other work, got to your page on my random reviewing spree, I enjoyed this movie. I’m sure it deserves it own collection and there isn’t anything I can say to help you improve, only vice versa if anything.

Now for your compliments.

Graphics: 9, Very will animated, the drawing, good enough. The woman…Proportional, the guys, average ( not including the supposed Football player who is just massive ). It was fun to watch and the graphics were fine.

Style: 9, If it’s good enough to get its own series then it must be good. I like the style it had of the whole “fight for the girl” atmosphere which I’m a fan of due to poor experience with women…

Sound: 10, Voices were good and professional and for the most part, easy to understand, the music in between at times was good and reflected the mood of the scene well.

Violence: 9, A good dose of violence but tastefully done if I might add, the punching and fighting of Mike and “Satan” is it, also when the football player character pounds a guy into a pulp.

Interactivity: 6, All the movie needed, a play and replay button, no point in anything more here.

Humor: 8, I laughed at times, like the loading screen and some of the scenes, and to combine fighting and laughing, to me is rare and you get points just for that.

Overall: 8, A very good movie, which I’m sure made for a great series.

Now my very own category of judgment:
Intelligence: 10, Finally, a movie where the level of the English level isn’t limited to “Dude” and “ass”.

OMG!!! that was the best i have ever seen

I didnt want to review this until i saw the whole thing and it is the best thing ever man you kick ass man the drawings were perfect for the plot and how did you think of the song on i think the fith or sixth one with the chinese guy you dont have a girlfreind beacause your so uglyman and Erick was the best drawing I liked him Please make more! you could probably be famous.

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3.98 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
10:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Original