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Erik the Juiceman MikeEp8

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*NOTE: THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE OF AN 8-PART SAGA. I did all I could to make a decent RECAP so guys that are new to this don't necessarily have to sit through 7 other episodes (but it would be cool if you did!!)

So yeah, if you're new, please read the recap so you understand what's happening.
Anyway, this is the final episode of Erik the Juiceman: The Mike Saga. Sorry it's taken so long to complete this, but here you go. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Big big thanks to Nikon Kitty, Jane Chu, and Audrey Penven for helping me out on this animation.

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Aww, fans should want to see the other episodes. Wait, have I? I guess it's cliché for the last episode to be considered the best. This had great serious moments. The comedy was good too. It's quite an absorbing story.

Emily is quite likeable. People should be glad this got finished at all! I mean, there's tons of series here that haven't had a new episode come out in over a decade! I will admit the animation could be better. It's still quite good.