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A Robot Killed His Family

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Here's the backstory:

What happens when a man finally snaps?

A robot killed his family, which is an act worthy of retaliation. He storms through a place populated with evil robots, and he faces the resistance with courage and fortitude. This was actually the first episode of what was going to be a full-color collaboration between myself and another artist. We've decided on another project, but it will also be rotoscoped. Enjoy the awesome action.

This submission is best with high volume. I hope that the wanton destruction and robot carnage will satisfy your kung-fu needs. Explosions, rockets, and thrills. I hope you like the character development during the fight. Oh, wait, there isn't any.

Take, that, cyborgs.

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Well you cant go wrong here some good moments happening in this one and all came together pretty well i have enjoyed this little film here



A wellanimated, simple and semisad story. The music is pretty good And everything flows together nicely. I like the simple and colorful style of art used in this. All great, keep up the good work!



Robots killed my family

Need money for kung-fu lessons


mrwesticles responds:

That could be the epilogue. hehe

A Robot Killed His Family?

Lol, sorry for the misleading summary, but I just found that rather humorous. Interesting off-the-wall idea, kind of wondering where you got it from?

Anyways, I'm going to try to steer away from what has been already said. It flows great, lacks background blah blah blah.

What I Think:
Not just another fight scene. It had it's own originality to it with just a dab of style. A good submission by any means.

What Would Change 'Good' to 'Great':
The obvious has been stated. We're dropped into the fightscene and are forced to use our imagination as to what exactly is going on. While this is fine for some people, it doesn't work. If you want to create a masterpiece, I say if nothing else lead into this. Perhaps seeing "A Robot Killing His Family (prologue)" before "A Robot Killed His Family" followed by "He Killed the Robot that Killed His Family (epilogue)" then ending. Add in a preloader and give some background story (even if this is just preloader text to give the viewer something to read while it loads).

Anyways, I hope this came out as it was meant to. Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

mrwesticles responds:

A very well thought-out review. I appreciate your advice I'll probably use a lot of it. A sincere thanks to you, my friend.

Looks like you traced it.

Looks like you traced it from something else, it was crap, atleast put story line into it, or just name it 'Random FBF shit' voted 1.

mrwesticles responds:

I traced it from a robot battle that I happened to catch on tape. Talk about luck.