SC Guitar Maniac Dx

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I made this game for the flashportal.com contest.
Enjoy the game! (The high scores don't work anymore)
Big thanks to the music artists Benjerama, Goukisan and Pragmar.



I've played SCGMD 3 & 2 before this one, and you've evidently fixed all the problems with this one in the sequels, but here goes:
Now, I've only played on professional. Whenever you mess up, you can't play subsequent notes for a period of time. If there was a series of notes in succession and you mess up, say, the first one, the rest are unplayable and will likely cause a fail combo, as right when you can play again a note leaves the box causing you to mess up again.
Also, the yellow note doesn't stand out against the background, causing you to miss it sometimes.

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kinda sucks compared to the other guitar ones.

not nearly as good as the others in the series

the screen is too small, the notes don't always register when i press them, there are only 2 songs, it doesn't let me press any buttons for a while after i miss a note, there was a bug once where my score kept going up infinitely, the first song is harder than the second even though it says easy and the high scores don't work. there are probably more reasons if i look hard enough..

i LOVE the last version of it

and yes the was too small waaay to small. but on hard it was kinda easy i should'nt be saying it sucks 'cuz i ca'nt make a game evenclose to this! nice job


dude its like the hard version of guitar hero but you deserve a 10

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4.03 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
6:19 PM EDT