SC Guitar Maniac Dx

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I made this game for the flashportal.com contest.
Enjoy the game! (The high scores don't work anymore)
Big thanks to the music artists Benjerama, Goukisan and Pragmar.


I like it but...

Really good, I just suck at it XD


this is truly a great game. a a fantastic hybrid of guitar hero and DDR. Not to hard, not to easy, but certainly challenging. This fantastic game has spawned a sequel, and hopefully, soon a third game in the series. Because of this brilliant game, I have decided to do what some do, and I have never done; write a good review.


The music was awesome. A nice chilled out menu theme, but then when the gameplay started, BOOM. Very good choice of music, Guitar vs piano is one of my all time favorites, and Into infinity is great too!


Like I said, Not too hard, not too easy. Unlike quite a few guitar based rythm games, in this one you didn't have to strum. It would have made the game much harder. And to stop the game from turning into DDR, there were the As and the Ss that you had to hold down so long.

--The little things--

such as the 'ouch' when you hit the first note wrong, or the high scores. As I have said before, 'it's the little things that count' and this game has many little touches which makes it great.

Overall, this game is one of those games that in the future of NG, when there is Alien hominid 4 and Madness appology, this game will be tucked in one corner, and very little people would come to it. But they would love it. Because we all love it now (apart from those noobs who are all like 'um... teh second was weh betta this 1 sux!!1'). This game will truly stand out as one of those great games which will continue to be loved by all .(but not by noobs who like the 2nd one) though)

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just as good as the second. the second was too hard

pretty cool

i like this game, although i like the second one better.

the best

it is the best of the rythm game it just rock

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4.03 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
6:19 PM EDT