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GG - Disrespect

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Originally for the huge Glock Group Time Trail, but I was unable to send. Wait for the music to end to replay it. If you don't like the GG, don't even watch or vote.

Pear Glock has disrespected the Don, and no one disrespect's the Don.

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I've been a fan of the Clock Crew for some time, and I decide to check out there spin-off groups and... well, I'd spam you, but this was f****ing awesome. Nice.

very nice

fcking nice!


This is the first Glock movie I like. It was actually serious! Very under-rated.


No respect from the other families...BOOM HEADSHOT

Don-Vito-Corleone responds:

You just gave me an idea. Thank you.

bitch yo be trippin

This deserves a much higher score than it actually got. The photoshop effects were awesome and the shadow scene was very well animated.

Unfortunatley it didn't have Newgrounds quota of Final Fantasy, Halo and Digimon references, thats a doozy

Don-Vito-Corleone responds:

The last sentence speaks the truth.