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Primordial Soup

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When creatures mate, they can produce offspring of any of the three types. Keep order by picking up these offspring and placing them on the correct layers. Be careful not to let any creatures reach adulthood on a non-native layer…they might be attacked!!

Use your mouse wheel to roll in and out of the 3 layers
Left click on a creature to pick it up and left click on a layer to drop it.

Hints and Tips:
Catch babies when they are young for higher scores.
Listen out for the sound of scared creatures.

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'.' wtf that was so wierd why did they all ill each other


Took a while before I got what to do :D
Well, nice concept, nice artwork.

Graphics - 7: Not bad
Style - 10: The Layer-Thingy was a very good idea.
Sound - 3: Poor...
Violence - 2: Not much to say about xD
Interactivity - 7: For it's a game, though you don't have to do very much...
Humor - 6: Not the aim of the game, though, some gags =)
Overall - 8: Got boring after a while but nvm, good game.

Plz add a plot next time!

Great Game!

Very original. Really liked the concept of multiple layers, it really added depth to the game. Everything was visually pleasing. And I really enjoyed it. Great job.

Creatures mateing... hahaha

I liked it... but I am using a laptop touchpad, so I don't have a scroll button :( But I tihnk it was originail and pretty well done.

Amazing Game

Perfect use of the scroll wheel and addicting game play makes this an awesome game! Simple life sorting with the mouse usually never is this much fun, but you really pulled it off. Very unique in gameplay, which is hard to come by in this day and age.

Congrats, well done.


Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
11:23 AM EDT