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<The Duel>

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My first finished flash animation. I'm happy for everything I learned during the production and I hope next movie will take shorter time =].

Anyways, Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: The blue bar on the bottom is the HP bar while the yellow one is like "Limit Break" in FF or "CO power" in AW. I thought that the power should give the characters a permanent boost like the Steel's super strength, Aerio's weapon duplication, the flying mechanism called Aerech, and Aerio's Shadow Control.


That's The Funniest Thing I Saw On Newgrounds!!!!

Graphics : Well, u sure do your drawings well. It's cute and elegant. However, there's only one background setting besides the black screen.

Style : Its juz ok as you were clearly lazy, having his limbs seperated so that the hands and leg are easier to animate.

Sound : The One-Winged Angel's quality sucked though i like the song. Sound effects is just okay.

Violence : Were there gore????

Interactivity : Its just that PLAY button, dammit!

Humor : Haha! You call Buster Sword (Cloud's Sword) a Masamune (Sephiroth's Sword). Since when Sephiroth's Sword is like Cloud's Sword? That's the funniest screw up ever! Well, work on that.

Overall : I like cheese!
My bad, lost control... Try Harder Next Time to Get Awesome Scores!

Dark-Agent responds:

When I called it Masamune I was not thinking about Sephiroth's sword but more of Frog's from Chrono Trigger which IS a sword that looks closer to that "buster sword". The name "Masamune" is not refering to one sword or type of sword but more like a legendary sword that has different shapes from game to game and movie to movie.

It was ok.

Good work as far as I can tell, Nothing that'll reach the front page yet, but you have potential.
I'll give a few tips that will help you to appeal to the audience.
1: That was too short. People like it when there is a bit of substance.
2: Humor. There should have been a little in here being that this didn't quite make the serious catagory.
3: Pause, play, rewind, quality buttons would be nice.

That should help a little bit with your next submission.
This was good though for a first. Really good for a first.

Dark-Agent responds:

Thank you for the review, and i will have that in mind for the next time.

Just awsome.

Man, this is so good... I can't even put in words!
Man, I liked it SO, but SO much that I watched like ten times, over and over again!
I hope I can do as good as you do on my first flash o__o

Dark-Agent responds:

Wow, u think so. Well I personally don't like it so much. Maybe 'cause I have seen it like million times =]. Anyways thx for the favorite.

pretty good

graphics- were pretty good

style- fighting movies are a pretty good way to do flash movies/games. Yours is very well done.

sound-first song went great with the movie but the other one i didnt like that much. Sounded just a little bit off with the fighting.

violence- its a fight. Why wouldnt there be violence.


humor-not really a comedy movie. so not really funny.

overall- ya did pretty well, enjoyed watching the full movie and hope to see more good ones in the future


Dark-Agent responds:

Thank you, I always apreciate good explanations to know what I need to do better next time. Tnx

It's like I always say...

...sword beats gun everytime.

Nice flash. The animation was a little slow for my tastes, but that was the only noticeable flaw that I saw. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

Dark-Agent responds:

Intense figting animations tend to be short 'cause they require a higher amount of tweening and movement. But u're still right. It's short.

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3.43 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
7:48 AM EDT
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