Dr. Shroud: BITB 3

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This episode marks the conclusion of the Dr. Shroud series, “The Boy in the Box”. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes, you should probably do that at some point to fully understand the background. They can both be seen on Newgrounds:

Dr. Shroud in: The Boy in the Box: Part 1: http://www.newgrounds.co

Dr. Shroud in: The Boy in the Box: Part 2: http://www.newgrounds.co

See the whole Dr. Shroud Series: http://www.newgrounds.co
m/ collection/drshroud.html

“The Boy in the Box” as a whole series has revealed a lot of what comprises Dr. Shroud and his world. Looking to the future, I will not be producing these separate mini-series’, but rather a string of related one shot episodes that explore and unravel Dr. Shroud as he searches for his daughter and confronts the past. Currently I am at work on “Skeletons”, a 5 minute self-contained story which does that very thing.



I thought you had stopped making these since its been so long since i saw the last episode (although i used to visit the site for updates) good to see your making these again hopefully it wont take to long to make the next one...


robfeldman responds:

Yeah, sorry about that...I am just really slow. Actually, this took about 5+ months, which is slightly more than normal. Thanks for the review!

Part Three Rocks!

Great Action, Unique Story, and more questions about Gribber, Wendy, The Dr.

Willy is the best Sidekick ever! I think Willy would kick Robins ass!

Dr. Shroud!

Lots of action- creepy vampires, twists and turns- the art and animation have also gotten smoother as the series progresses

Nice work Rob!

the bomb

THe great thing about N.G.'s is when you run into great stories and well done flash.
This is in that catagory, nice drawing great story it doesn't get too much better than this.
I can't believe this will not tpass the portal.
You've all done a nice job.

Sweet Man!

Really liked the graphics I hope you make more.

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4.01 / 5.00

May 2, 2006
6:18 AM EDT
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