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Clones: The Martial World

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There is an in movie audio commentary that I hope you will enjoy, but as a brief explanation.

This animation is a spoof based on a MORPG I've had in development for some time now. It's a MORPG, with a small community because it's still in half BETA mode. A glitch occured which made the enemies in the game clone themselves (somehow) and fight the players in extremely uneven odds, which meant if the enemies didn't kill you, then the lag would.

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This was a great GAME. I remember when it was pk zone or something like that. Anyway, the Brad/Marc looked more like me (Buttersnack). For watchers, the noob deserved to be killed. All characters were really in the game.


nice one... the humor's IN so GREAT and the paper like animation fit well with the overall style...

hoping for a sequel...

Well done, Very funny

That was great! Bust out loud laughing at some points, like when the guy gets punched in the face, twice!

Abbot-Flash responds:

Thanks alot, there was a bit more I wanted to add, but the develoment of the game it self takes more time.

great job ^_^

hehe i liked your style about players on mmos and I liked the voice acting and i see you put alot of effort in this cause its long and detailed i hope you do great on your mmo good luck!!!


That was a great flash movie. The only thing that was really bad about it was the fact that there was no music at the beginning, and the characters voices were really loud. As the story progressed though, the movie got even better and i really enjoyed the story line and the bits of humor thrown in. Great job, I hope to see more flash's soon!

Abbot-Flash responds:

The game itself is like that too. Too much music would lag it terribly. I could have put in music in the beggining, but it would have been one of my lame self composed musics like the rest of them in the animation. :P