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Moscow Beijing - Russian song with English lyrics
Dedicated to Soviets and Chinese

This is my first flash
This song emphasises the importance of friendship. Particularly the friendship between the Soviet Union and China. Enjoy!

(If you don't like the Soviet Union, communist songs or songs that are older than five years, please don't watch this movie. This song is over 40 years old)

7 updates! I have read you reviews and this is the result:
--1-- This flash has a preloader now. (With my NG soviet tank)
--2-- Beautiful Images of Beijing and Moscow have been added
--3-- 2 cute chinese and russian pictures in the preloader
--4-- An english translation has been added, so you know, what it's about.
--5-- I have put effort into making the english lyrics ''singable''. You are able to sing this song using english lyrics. (It was hard work and some parts do not fit perfectly.)
--6-- Soviet flags have been added. They are hopping up and down as if people holding them were marching.
--7--: In July I have changed the sound into stream.

This musical video has been made for the sole purpose of giving joy to the people who watch and sing it. Thanks!

Tags: CCCP USSR PRC ZhongGuo Soviet Union China socialist rsfp21comrade redstar communist comrade commiemusic Russian lyrics friendship redstarflagproject21

(By Kenzu Milagro) (music from sovmusic.ru)

EDIT: This is my first flash I have submitted. Therefore the graphics arent that good. You are viewing my oldest flash!


I know this sounds odd........

I just love communist military-style songs...........

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Kenzu responds:

Me too!

Pretty Cool

Good flash, but I can't help but wonder if Russia & China were still communist partners, could China just send their citizens to Russia? We know they've got the space.

Kenzu responds:

After the Sino-Soviet split in 1953, they were no partners anymore, but later the tensions weakened and they became allies once again. Nevertheless there have been a few "small" battles between the soviet and chinese red armies to settle boarder disputes.

1953, after Stalins death, The Soviet Union destroyed his statues and removed his name from the lyrics of the USSR and other music, because he has sent millions of people to gulags. He was a mass murderer and Mao was a copy of him. USSR didn't like that Mao continued his purges, and China didn't like that USSR became "revisionist" (more liberal).

PS: China and USSR were never communist. They were socialist dictatorships.

Ecellent concept!

It was an excellent concept comrade. I agree that it can be improved, that always happens, we can always improve our work.

It was artistic way to support the friendship between USSR and China which has been broken since several years ago and which is something very important: the biggest nation and the most populated one. Unfortunately none of this nations ever reached communism or socialism. But they will! Struggle goes on!

Well, keeping up with the review, I liked the style very much but for a flash movie, well, I think it needs some more of animation and drawingby yourself, it wasn't part of the style but reflects more effort from your part.

Anyway it was a very good flash, keep improving and doing such good concepts of flash!

¡Hasta la Victoria siempre!
Pobeda ili smert'!

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Kenzu responds:

More flash will come soon!

Get ready to please your senses!

What the hell?

^^Good Points^^
The song was the best part of this. Remember that I HATED THE SONG.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't get this? I'm usually a fan of the CC, but this is just weird. What the hell does this promote or stand for? This took very little talent, it's made up of some low quality pictures and some scrolling text. I don't get it.

Kenzu responds:

these pictures aren't low quality and cannot become better at this size. I would have to make them bigger and then, you wouldn't be able to see the lyrics.

Quite good

You should have some photos or the old propagander posters fom the 50's,It's a bit boring just looking at the same image. Very good translation of the song and I just loved the Soviet style Newgrounds tank :D

Kenzu responds:

It is my mascot and I call it:
The soviet NG tank (SNGT)

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May 1, 2006
3:15 PM EDT
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