Pico vs Bear

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The big bear has gone mad with distemper. Pico is called in to bring him down!

I originally released this on Newgrounds at the end of 1999. It was developed in Flash 4 but I've updated the controls to take advantage of Flash 5+, which solved the keyboard lag problems in the previous version. I also added more health and more ammo, to make things easier for people. Enjoy!

Music by Polygon Window, check out his music!



This game is an extremely fun shoot-em up which challenges. It's actually easy once you understand how to beat it.
1. To kill the Bear, you must recognize his pattern. He simply walks back and forth. Take cover behind a bush, and while you're moving to the other bush, shoot him up. Shoot him up when he's vulnerable.
2. Piss will come out of the left end. Kill him.
3. Get to the other bush and then Poo will come out of the right side. Kill him.
4. Ignore Titty and shoot his bombs. Focus on killing the bear.
5. The Bear will smell destruction. He can't move, but his Shotgun blasts are more deadly then before. Again, take cover behind the bushes and when he's doing something, shoot him up while moving to the other bush.
6. When you get inside with the 2 bears, first kill the flying bear. He has low health, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you shoot the bear on the stairs before killing the flying one, he'll electrocute you so beware and aim carefully. The bear on the stairs will drop bombs though. Shoot the cans he drops on the stairs. Once you kill the flying bear, kill the bear on the stairs but remember to shoot his bombs.
7. DO NOT go to the Den. It is a trap, if you go there a Shadow will eat up your health bars.
8. The bear will pop up. If you shoot him, the bomb will explode and you'll instantly lose. Simply shoot the furniture behind the counter to beat him.

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I finally beat the whole thing, after 3 tries ha ha.

Its way to hard

Just as entertaining as when I first played it so so so long ago. Also, it's no more difficult (even though I'm running a faster computer now), for what it's worth.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 1, 2006
1:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed