Pico vs Bear

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The big bear has gone mad with distemper. Pico is called in to bring him down!

I originally released this on Newgrounds at the end of 1999. It was developed in Flash 4 but I've updated the controls to take advantage of Flash 5+, which solved the keyboard lag problems in the previous version. I also added more health and more ammo, to make things easier for people. Enjoy!

Music by Polygon Window, check out his music!



Another classic brought to the Portal

It's good to see this one on the Portal, it plays a lot smoother than the original, although it's still tricky on a fast computer and was always much easier to finish back in the day. Great mindless violence.

Really nice!

Awesome game man. It was challenging but not all that hard. Plus, i really liked how u had to shoot the ____ in the end making the _____ short-circuit the bomb. 10/10

judt don't like how it plays.

i mean the characters take far too many hits and i wish you could move around better(up,down). i also don't like the fact in the beginning the bear hits you no matter what if your not behind the bush.

Ye Olde Favorite...

How to win, for all you that dont know...

1.)Shoot the bear untill he flees inside the house
2.) concentrate your fire on the floating thing, unless the other one drops a 'bomb,' then shoot that, and switch back to the floater.
3.) go to the KITCHEN. The Den will jsut get you dead for no reason.
4.) shoot the sink, then shoot the microwave with the furby in it. You're all done.

Single best flash game. Ever. Not to mention, the first flash game I ever played.

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You made it a lot easier

I beat the original one about a 100 times when I found out all the strategies and secrets to the game, but you made this version so easy, I got 41 Mayhem points. This is the greatest NG game in existence though. Good job

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4.25 / 5.00

May 1, 2006
1:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed