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Pico ch1: the Gloom

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**WARNING!** Apparently it's much more graphics intensive than I had thought, you may want to consider viewing on low quality or else the sound gets way out of sink :(

Damn, late after so many straight hours. Well anyways... Ok, so it's late, and ever so unpolished, but you must forgive me because this is my first ever attempt at flash!

I know it could use some music, better sound quality and so on, so those are what points I hope to work on for the next chapter.

Note: All characters and persons represented in this flash should not take offense but should realize they are present because of their particular influence on Newgrounds. Also I'm well aware I used a copyrighted song, but it was in the name of parody so I hope you all will forgive me. Happy late pico day! (and birthday to Tom)


This was your first flash?

Dude, for your first, this was unbelievably awsome. Litterally.
Anyway, despite the semi cheesy torso-tweening at the end, and the beginning being so very quiet, this was definatly a kickin' movie. The art in the beginning was amazing. Personally, I think you should not only continue the series, but every few shorts should be put together into a longer movie for those, like me, who would take the time to download a 30 meg flash if it's worth the wait. If this level of quality continues, it definatly would be. I'm not saying it'd be good to put such huge files in the portal, but perhaps on some site you could point to whenever a new conglomerated short was ready, you know? Anyways, great movie, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully before next year's Pico Day.

N.2 NOW!

that rocks you should make numba 2 right now

I really gotta pay better attention on Pico Day

That was great and I'm excited for the submission of Chapter 2. Full marks in the sound and graphics department. I only wish that I could have voted for it while it was still in the Flash Portal, I would have given it a five like I did before I started typing up this review. I concur, the Portal IS getting full of garbage submissions, that for some unworldly reason, make it through the Under Judgement portion of the submitting process (like some of the crap that end in some clock-faced-wonder getting raped, when did rape become funny?). Anyway, excellent work.
I close in saying "HUZZAH!"

alright for a start

looks good. i think im going to like the next part =). this part was alright.


This is your first flash!? Good job it was like fo shizzle on toast. Excelent.

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3.93 / 5.00

May 1, 2006
3:04 AM EDT