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Pico ch1: the Gloom

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**WARNING!** Apparently it's much more graphics intensive than I had thought, you may want to consider viewing on low quality or else the sound gets way out of sink :(

Damn, late after so many straight hours. Well anyways... Ok, so it's late, and ever so unpolished, but you must forgive me because this is my first ever attempt at flash!

I know it could use some music, better sound quality and so on, so those are what points I hope to work on for the next chapter.

Note: All characters and persons represented in this flash should not take offense but should realize they are present because of their particular influence on Newgrounds. Also I'm well aware I used a copyrighted song, but it was in the name of parody so I hope you all will forgive me. Happy late pico day! (and birthday to Tom)

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Guess we're not getting Chapter 2.

Jesus Fucking Christ it's real! I watched this thing like ten years ago one time but not the full way through. I was a huge Newgrounds fan and this thing stuck in my head for whatever reason but I couldn't remember the name of it. It bounced around my skull for years, I'd occasionally try to find it but found nothing. I came to accept that I'd just imagined it, that it was some half-remembered dream I'd mistaken for a memory. Just a few minutes ago as I was browsing old Pico Day submission I was thinking about coming to terms with the fact that this simply never existed. I don't know how active you are on Newgrounds, just know that you've inadvertently lifted a massive weight from my back that I thought I'd never get rid of.

Since I couldn't do it as a kid, I'm giving this five stars on behalf of that little boy that that loved Flash and the man who still does.

ahh pretty good


no action,slow moving

epic apocalypse

i really wish there had been SOME fighting in this...... anyway its still cool, pico is the chosen one