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Drink Drank Drunk

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This song, written by myself, performed by Bobby_Jenkins and mastered by Denvish, shows that we have nothing better to do, and celibrates the 2nd aniversary of the NGDrunks, who I all love to hate.
Also, I MSpainted the icon. ENJOY ...


SOmeone who understands me!!!

You really get me! *HICK* I guess you also know about my insamity problem caused by cocain and skulls of my victims! ...Kidding! I don't do coke. *HICK*


I enjoyed this submission as a whole. My only problem was the music itself. It is my way to look heavily at musical submissions. The lyrics were very choppy, and after a while the same chord progression got boring. I was waiting for more of a bridge as well. I could go more into the music, but I really don't want to. Still, despite the music I enjoyed it very much.

This is kind of weak man.

The vibe that I get is a bunch of internet nerds who are all like : OMG OMG I LIEK 2 GET DRONK! IM A PARTY ANIMALL!!!

Besides that its pretty entertaining.

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Ok for the guy that just posted.

Read the fucking fine Print. He didnt sing this. He WROTE it.Also, no one wants to know about so drunk fuck at your school. And for the creator. kickass. Most if not all parts of the song relate to me when im drunk.

Yeah, I guess that was good

Yeah the song is ok. but it won't be stuck in my head, it gets repetitive when you sing the same lines twice... and what the hell do kinsmen, pussies and guts have to do with each other... whatever I'd say you were drunk while writing this song... but still that was entertaining and NOT ALL but the majority of british singers sing like women (i.e. James Blunt), and you do... you sing like a woman. Wow, getting wasted sucks... just today, a guy came to class and he didn't look right, couldn't walk straight, damn he wriecked of vodka... lol, but it was funny because he tried to fall asleep during class but couldn't, because he was like starting having a hang-over..... Why am I still typing.... ok I'll stop soon... Clicking "submit your Review" now!-

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3.90 / 5.00

May 1, 2006
12:05 AM EDT
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