Pico's Unloaded: The Game

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You saw the movie, now play the game!

This game plays with a robotron meets halo style, kill as many uberkids and ghetto-bots as you can!

Few notes: This game was made in less than a month.. had to submit it on pico day so yes there is some unpolished aspects.

that said, mindchamber and I have plans to take the game and make it into a level based shooter/adventure game with more enemies and guns, and way less bugs and lag.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!



Well it was a pretty good game, However their were many things I didn't like about the game. One such thing being how quickly the uzi runs out of ammo. Now yes I'm sure a real uzi runs out quick on a constent spray, but it unleashes a lot more bullets. There should probably be a control added to control the angle the duel weild to allow for focus on a single target or many as the combo already does. However my two main beefs with this game was the localized small area you fight in with guys coming out of the same predictable places and seemnig to have temp immunity but the black guys with the handguns and shot guns this doesn't seem to go away for all of them I managed to kill two then spent forever trying to kill others that showed up once I started shooting them with the shotgun, once and a while one would go down in a single shot but another I shot him 5 times and was my undoing because I was becoming out numbered by the fact I couldn't kill him or any of the others when I decided to confront them instead. Naturally I couldn't miss since I went in close when they were reloading, they just stand still then. So yeah, it was an okay game, but some things still need to be worked out.



A lil lag

Definately 5!

Im speachless

That was great it deserves a 5 definatly

Another semi-3D pico game, YAY!

Neat submissions, I loved the 3-D-ish background, well, I liked everything, it's also quite simple, kill anything that moves. The Dual Wield feature was a great idea, btw.

Graphics:Amazing 3-Dish background!. The characters had smooth animations, perhaps having the same enemies have an "alternative" death my give it a little more variety.
Sound: Nice music choice, I've loved it since I first watched the movie!
GAmeplay: Very intuitive and relatively easy, and it has nice features like dual wield, or, grabbing shotguns and such from dead enemies

i loved the pico unloaded movie;)

and i always wanted a game inspired by the movie, it has good animation and soundtrack, but sometimes it gets annoying. keep up tha good work!

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
11:58 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional