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Author Comments

Pico is a robot! He needs to settle issues with an old friend..

IT's a very fast-paced and quick flash and I hardly had time to make it because I started it on the DAY OF. Please no more bitter bitching LOL Just don't watch it expecting an intense show down or in a bad mood

I don't do flash anymore -I make crazy videos ( www.edwinsgeneration.com )


Not bad

You know,that wasnt bad! graphics were shit but I loved the idea of killing strawberry clock I hate him! Sound was awesome and who is that and what song is it? Violence well,see style.Humor I loved seeing strawbeery clock die! Anyway try put more effort in your next flash but apart from that,pretty decent!

EdwinsGeneration responds:

thanks yeah i did it in like 3 hours i had to do it extremely fast and rush unfortunately because it was PICO DAY and I wanted to make something fast! thx again :D btw its Korn's "Liar"

It is

++++ Made me smile with its silliness. The idea of robopico... the ending...

---- The graphics are inconsistent and somewhat bad. You have the gun from a photo or whatever plonked in and it really doesn't go with anything else. If this'd been a mixed media piece that woulda been cool, but seeing as it's just that one thing... Also, the thin lines on the bullet don't really go with the thick lines of the character, I think.

The wobbly lines didn't look too good in this piece. If it'd been really sketchy throughout, my opinion might be different, but it looks as if you just need to practise your drawing and keep at it.

Lastly, maybe do a level of shading on the close-ups.

+++ Some lip-synching.

---- The song seems to carry on after the movie has finished. No need. Set it to stream, fade it out and Flash will abandon the unused frames, making for a much lower filesize for the same experience.

It is technically crappy. You just need practise. I liked the joke though.

EdwinsGeneration responds:

hahaha i truly appreciate your honest review and im happy that someone with flash knowledge/experience finally reviewed it! Anywho.. All of ur points are valid but heres my reasons for them
Graphics ARE inconsistent ..i made it in about 3 hours or more ..completely rushed solely for the purpose of 'pico day' haha so its ok.. I know wut u mean by shadin close ups i just got lazy fo real plus i mean i didnt think i would spend so much time on a NG holiday flash.. I should have indeed quit the song tho

Thanks :)


I have listended to korn sicne about 93 when they were still in bako doing side shows. What I dont get is why you have chosen liar for this song? It deals with nothing related to newgrounds or pico or even Teh king of teh portal. Your animation was very average. More time could have been spent on this flash. And your file compression for the song was absolutey terrible what could have been a flash that was 1.5 mb was over 4. And your audio was not optimized. You need some work a lot of work. Especially on climaxes and endings something original usally works best. And you need to think of what your animating and what correct music will work.

EdwinsGeneration responds:

Lol okay?? Notice how I fade the words so people aren't suppose to focus on them or their meaning?? I felt the music fit in not the meaning... Plus when do you see a music video that is connected to the lyrics.. Yeah I'm aware the music makes the file bigger I did tht on purpose :P

SRY I COULD NOT FIND A SONG ABOUT PICO so i used korn loll cmon man no big deal thx tho

It was nice

I happen to really like KoRn. I liked ur music choice. I also liked the whole South Park addition. It was short sweet and to-the-point but funny aswell. You coulda made it longer. If you do you may be seeing urself in the flash portal with a green bar on ur stuff

EdwinsGeneration responds:

thx! :D this probly isnt as funny to ppl who dont watch south park.. i wish i could have made it longer i had a whole idea but there is no time unfortunately..

thx again :)


Short boring and pointless perhaps a little more practse with the ol' flash but not to bad if it was a first attemp.

EdwinsGeneration responds:

i had to submit wut i had bc pico day is almost over ;(

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Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
10:52 PM EDT
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