"Pico - The After Years"

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Seven years have passed since Pico became an internet icon. But what ever happened to the boy behind the hero/lunatic? This documentary follows Pico while he takes a stroll down memory lane.

Please note that I did this cartoon in a week, since school and work kept me too busy before. Happy Pico Day!


nice one

I noly saw it in the contest results but I found it prety nice. it even seamed realistic :p

i liked it

it looks like u put a lot of time and effort in and ill be dammed if it didnt show great job

thinking outside the box...

i really like the idea behind this animation, its not the usual pico kill kill and you have obviously done abit or research on it too. keep up the good work :)

AsthmaticHamster responds:

Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to do, to show the human side of Pico. Well...the human side after therapy that is...

Great work!

Extremely creative. One of my favorite pico day flashes yet.

I am very impressed with the very concept of Pico being jealous over Alien Hominid. I believe that if pico were real he really would be jealous.. Perhaps Newgrounds should erect a Hominid day?


i think you OVERUSED the blur efect... my crappy computer couldnt stand so much blur and the animation freezed at some points... blur efect looks awesome, butit gets annoying after a while.

nice concept, although the graphics were not too good, pico's look suited perfectly to the story... whih i loved...

yeah i think those are the most critical points in your movie, everything else was cool, i liked the intro music, and some details i found here and there.


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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
10:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody