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Happy Pico Day!

-= Prodigal Sons =-
http://www.kugelandfrien ds.area526.net/prodigal/

- UPDATE - Wow! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by all the positive reviews I have recieved! There is a high possibility that I will redo most of the things that are buggy and to add to it. And I'll definently try to add the suggestions you guys have gave me (save function, more days etc.)

But for now, I'm going to take a short break from flashing hardcore. Until then, Please Enjoy~

One final thought: I can't beleive someone actually used Nene's hotmail. An LOL to that person! :D


I loved this game.
Of course, I completely screwed up and was way to weak to fight the last boss (Ha, just like the real me) and when I restarted to try and win it skipped straight from day 1 to day 75? Other than that, this ruled.
P.S. Info for all of us cheaters out there. :P

Size 86 Hip
133 I.Q
Type A Blood
She was born on August 17
She goes to shop at M Bottlers
Has 2 Brothers
She likes the Horror Movie "Into the Shadows"
Her breast size is 78
Her phone number is 204-783-4529
She likes Potato Pie
She's 165cm tall
She likes to hear RnB
She listen's to the band Dreamio
Her Email is Nene08426@hotmail.com
I think it's weight on 50kg
She's a Capicorn
Her waist size is 53
Clerk at her father's shop
Transal Star Anime

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How is she Capricorn if her b-day is in August?

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Wow, awesome sim date!

How many days can i have ?

Real good but I think you should have made it cost energy to sleep like 5 energy or something.

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4.38 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
9:10 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating