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NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6

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Author Comments

An experimental form of game - a 1D rhythm-based shoot 'em up.

Danny did all the programming.

read this
Moving/shooting left and right only, Pico Jr. Jr. can shoot bullets out the air. When you click to fire, your firing will be delayed until the next beat - thus the bullets are fired simultaneously, thus you get funky abilities.

Arrows appear to warn of bullets about to be fired or certain danger from above. Firing in the direction the bullets are coming from will blast the bullets out the air. You can also protect yourself with the body shields, which protect in the direction opposite to your movement.

52 years after the events in 'Pico vs Uberkids', the creator of the Uberkids has created a new breed, to kill Pico's grandson - Pico Jr. Jr.

creation story
There was a lot more stuff we had planned. We didn't get it finished though.

Apologies to voice actors who aren't included. We're gonna carry on though and the final version will feature:
- a skippable animation explaining the background story (with lovely painted animation and brilliant voice acting)
- interactive intro
- in-game commentary
- far more time spent on level design and testing
- more enemies and interesting variations on the basic gameplay.
- full soundtrack
- a really excellent ending
- difficulty levels

Hence the v 0.6. We just ran into problems and didn't get it finished in time. Thankfully, we managed to put up something...

I love reviews. Any feedback, specially constructive criticism, is much appreciated.

Stay funky, y'all!


I love the sketches

Overall I thought this was great, I really liked the style the backgrounds had with those sketchy shadings and the same with the 'game over' screen and how Pico could pick up the bodies and use it as a shield. =)
The gameplay was quick to react and very simple. Pico's facial expression really lightened the mood for me and made it more enjoyable. The music was a good match because of it's high pace and 'alive' mood, and it simply sounds good too.

But just a few things I'd like to see IMO:
I would've liked to see the bullets travel after Pico shoots though. Like a little black dot that just flies across the screen and into the enemies chest would be so satisfying to see...

Also more blood. So maybe instead of blood only coming out after the enemies die have a little bit dramatically spray off with every shot? (specificaly the blue guys in the first few levels).

Anyway a great Pico Day submission, excellent work Bezman this turned out awesome. 4/5.

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Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot for the great review.

Xenon really is a great musician.

Seeing bullets... I was gonna have a white line kinda thing, but then I though, "the bullets travel in like 1 frame... drawing bullets would just be silly."

Blood - yeah. Didn't put it in due to lack of time. But I'll totally put in proper animations for every collision now that we have the time.

Glad you enjoyed it.

review of your review:

Generally an uplifting effort. You liked the game it seems. It's therefore easy to praise. But while doing so, you bother to pick out a few specific aspects, which really brings a smile to my face.

constructive criticism/suggestions: You make a couple of points. Both fairly well thought out, well explained and sensible.

exposition of experience: It'd have been nice to know how far you got... maybe if you'd had much trouble dying... You do relay a few points though, about the general experience - "The gameplay was quick to react and very simple. Pico's facial expression really lightened the mood for me and made it more enjoyable."

praise/encouragement: Lots. And some fairly specific stuff too.

clarity of expression: You would be surprised how often I struggle to work out what exactly a reviewer means. With you this wasn't a problem.

elaboration & being specific: Where suitable you do explain exactly what you mean, leaving no doubt in my mind. And where you praise the music, you give reasons.

coverage (how much): As good as can be realistically expected.

overall: 8/10
Brilliant review.
Thanks so much!
My only real suggestions are for maybe an indication of how far you got in the game (I'm curious, yaknow?) and maybe even more criticism. But the latter is me just being greedy. Can't get enough of that constructive criticism, specially when it's as well written as the pieces you gave.

im sure 1d doesn't exist

how could this game be 1d whne its 2d???

Bezman responds:

The gameplay is 1d. Your actions only affect anything along a single line. You can only move along that one line and you cannot affect anything which has entered the 2nd dimension.

Consider some early PS/N64 platformers. e.g. GO GO Troublemakers! /aka Mischiefmakers. Though their graphics were 3d, gameplay was 2d. Same with this. Graphics are 2D (maybe even 3d for when some enemies spawn), but I've made sure that everything is 1D.

Anyways, I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed it, judging by the scores you gave. It'd have been nice to know what exactly you liked and maybe have some constructive criticism or just feedback on how far you got and how hard/easy you fount it.

I give your review 3/10.

Cool game but..

It was a very good game but in lvl 2 i coudn't pick up any dead bodys

Bezman responds:


About the bug - I have no idea what's causing that. Despite many play-throughs, I've never encountered nor heard of anything like it before.

Are you sure you stopped moving and were standing right behind the body?

If you play again or have any more info about this possible bug, e-mail me. It'd be appreciated.

Stay funky,

P.s. Review of your review - General lack of specific info regarding what exactly you liked. Could maybe use more info about the bug too. But thanks for letting me know your general opinion and stuff.

it was okay

I started playing this game but i got bored really quickly. The levels were a little the same thing exact diffrent enemies. There was no sound for the guns shooting or getting hit. The artwork was good, the gameplay was also very good. Very original never seen something like this before. So good job

~Review Request Club

Bezman responds:

Yeah, well normally game mechanics don't vary /that/ much within a single game.

I had hoped the stompers and flyers would maintain your interest as they do need different tactics to overcome.

Glad you liked some of the elements though and I'll definitely try and put in more sounds for this year's version.

A good effort, but work required

A neat game, I quite like it. I think that you could do with some more work on it, maybe quieten the music a tad, add sound effects for the bullets etc. Maybe even add animation of the bullets trajectory, since I wasn't even on the same screen as the enemies and they were killing me (maybe I'm just incompetant)

Still, I like it, it is very similar to one of the games that Tom has written, so you lose style points there. Don't let that get you down, as you're good at this sort of thing.

[Review Request Club]

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Bezman responds:

Cheers man.

We never got around to the sfx last time. That'll be a priority.

I like the idea of showing where the bullet came from, but as the arrows warn you of the direction anyway, it's low priority.

Ta again!

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
8:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun