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Them damn UberKids never learn! They've started littering the local park with trash! Don't let them destroy the environment!

Code: GDevlin77
Art: mynamewontfitin

Warning: This game gets pretty impossible after a little while :D Post your highscores!


I like it.

I love the origianl, and this is great too. ^_^. Only problem is, the first time, when I hit "instruction", it brought me to this test mode thingy. Might want to fix that. lol

Good job.

160 Score

I got a 160 score. Game got repetitive quick and very hard. I voted to protect it but don't be surprised if it's blammed.

mynamewontfitin responds:

Don't worry, it won't be blammed. It's Pico Day!

An interesting little game

~The good~

It's a pretty funny idea to see Pico take a break from fighting villains to fighting pollution. The graphics were interesting enough and had there own cool style. The controls were very well done, catching was easy and getting it into the basket was fun.

~The bad~

The music sometimes doesn't work, like the first time I played it, it wouldn't start, but the second time it randomly started. Also, you could've had more depth in the gameplay.

Overall, a pretty cool little Pico game. Happy Pico Day!


mynamewontfitin responds:

Yeah, the sound issue is because there is no preloader so the music didn't have the chance to load when you pressed play. Thanks for the review!

not very fun

the graphics and sounds were ok but the game is quite repetitive and not much fun.

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3.58 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
8:21 PM EDT
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