Pico's Gothic Resolution

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In my Pico Day submission, the mighty Pico is very busy, first hes got to find a place to party for Darnell.
Impress this new friend Candy.
And defeat his new enemy.

Enjoi -Ed

When I get the chance i'll bump up the audio!


Whoa, old Pico!

~The good~

This one had some pretty sweet graphics! I like how youo madee Pico look a lot older. They really looked pimp, especially Darnell who looked like Mr. T. Nene also looked a lot more Asian than in this one. Pico didn't look too much older, but his voice did make him sound really mature. I loved the urban atmosphere in this one, they've really gone ghetto.

~The bad~

The voices in a couple parts are really annoyingly low, I had to turn them all the way up and put my ear to the speaker to here are whisper of what they were saying. Also, a couple of parts were really laggy and long, such as the last part with the rapstar, the scene was just way too long. The last bad was that some lip synch was way off in a couple of parts, mostly with Darnell.

Overall, another nice addition to Pico Day, man good ones just keep coming and coming! Happy Pico Day!


this is the best pico tribute ive seen yet.

this was very well put together. ive always liked pico, even though im goth, sumthins wrong there..... but the only flaw is sumtimes the sound was a little low. but graphics were better then most average flash artists. good work and this is goin on my favorites.

Dr-Obe responds:

Thanks alot, it means alot to me that you put it as a favourite as I could have made it better. Well look out for a series I'll put out soon once I've got my skills together.

Once again thanx and happy pico day.


i can see you took your time and all to make this, but it wasn't very good man. try to come up whit an original idea before you start makin' a movie next time.

Too choppy

I didn't even finish the movie. It was way too slow and choppy.

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3.52 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
8:00 PM EDT