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Your Weapon: Pico

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Made in Flash 8

This is my first Flash movie and I was kind of learning as I went along. There is quite a bit of text, just so you're prepared. I worked on this for about 2 months. Tell me if something isn't working right, I'll try to fix it.



this was great and 2 aliendude2006uk go fuck yourself this was a great flash i have no idea wot u were watching


It was pretty long considering its size. How about adding voices to it. I'm sure it would add to the mood.

gj man, it was great!

yeah that was definately a good piece of work.

so- you HAVE to make the sequel of it.

(If it would be ok, can you make it to where Nene doesn't die? its not too late seeing as how you never mentioned that she was actually... dead.)

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My weapon: PICO

Not exellent, but a nice effort.
Graphics and animation were above average, and the music choices were nice, perhaps if you could add some voice actors and speed the way characters move their mouths.
Overall, nice movie, and considering the size, quite long!

good for a first

most people have a first flash wich is just o+< stick crap. But this one is very good. The only real bad thing is that they don't have real voices, and that pico is like: o_0

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