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This is the first of a series of cartoons entitled Spookies based on ghost like things called Critter and Sparque.

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not bad

just a random sketch, kinda funny. great music. Not bad.


Well i dont know if your succeding at making this flash creepy because in the end it just seemed like a fuzzy and cute little flash, on mute. Your music was creepy ill give you that but the character designs and the backgrounds didnt give me that feeling, which isnt a bad thing because i feel this still comes off as something good. Overall i thought you were able to construct a good idea into a great flash piece and i look forward to the second.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Aw, how cute

I actually really liked the art style, it seemed pretty origional. The only problem i had was that it had no plot substance.... well i guess it did but it all seemed so random, i think u may have a good idea with the characters and all, but it could use some work. Thanx

Go Get Her Tiger! RAWR!

Oh my, Talk about making a sequel for this.
I simply love the little nerd critter.
Dancing like Napoleon Dynamite.. =)! Makes me wanna' dance.
Simply, a classic like video, no talking, just animation.
Last word, I love the part when that one critter imagines: "Go get her Tiger."
I laguhed for a good 2 minutes.

You clearly put in a lot of effort!

My only complaints are that I couldn't follow the story (was there one?) and that they don't really look all that much like ghosts (why do they have feet?) Other than that, it's really good!