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Zombies are on the loose and only Pico can put a stop to them! Programming by Tom Fulp, art by Mindchamber!

Completely mouse-driven, walk around and hold down your button to shoot. We originally started making this for a Warioware-esque game collab that never got off the ground. I decided to dust it off for Pico Day and we added a boss! Now we have all sorts of other ideas to flesh it out, but I ran out of time for Pico Day. It's a bit short and simple, but hopefully you'll enjoy it while it lasts!


Very good i liked it.

The graphics were very good. The only problem l had was the controls, although they were very original it would of been better if you could make him face the way the arrow is, but still be able to shoot, instead of having to take your finger off the mouse every time you wanted to turn. Other then that the game had a addicting concept and a wide flow of on-coming Zombies.

Excellent job guys, keep up the good work.

There are only a few things you could improve

One thing I noticed is that Pico doesn't turn around if you're holding down the mouse button. Sometimes that would mess people up, but other times, I think it would be useful. The game also gets very difficult very quickly, what with the zombies homing in on you and the gun speed and power not improving. I understand how this would be perfect for a game collab, but by itself, it could be given a bit more playability if powerups were used.
But overall, great job, guys. Happy Pico Day!

Pretty good

This is a pretty good game, I have enjoyed playing it a lot, a great Pico related submission. However, I must tell you, I expected much more from you for Pico day, but this was also very nice.

The graphics were very good, nothing at all to say against it besides one simple single thing. The background seemed way to static for this game and this really bothered me, for some reason. Maybe try to make something move in the background. But besides that, everything was very good, I like the way Pico is drawn, and also the zombies and Nene. Also the way they are animated is awesome. The thing I liked the most is this pico day intro.

The style of the movie was nice, not something too great. Firstly, there is not much plot and scripting behind this game, so this kind of ruins the Pico theme which always has some background before the game itself. Secondly, I just can't point it out, but there wasn't enough things on which I could say "wow, this is good directing", it was pretty average. However, it was pretty good in general, the sound adds a lot, however...

The sound was pretty good, it matched the game perfectly, since the sound, as the game itself, has a very violent theme. Besides that, the sound is good for itself, a very good find at that matter. However, if I perfer hearing something else while playing this genious game, why don't I have the choice to disable this sound and put what I want to hear? Besides that, everything is fine, good shooting sound and good bitting sound, what about a sound for him walking?

This movie was very violent, which matched the Pico theme perfectly. I like to see all of this blood coming out of the zombies like water, and then looking at their insidish thingies comuing out, so don't get me wrong when I say that it is not enough. The only reason of which I say it is due to the fact that they are all dying at the same way all the time. What about making other ways to die, maybe more violent ways, maybe less, I am sure it will be more fun either way.

Te intercreativity in this game was good, I like the genious idea of controlling Pico using your mouse only, that way I can relax while killing Zombies (Resident evil est das liar!). However, the old clicking and shooting game, maybe in a way more sophisticated way, is pretty boring after a while. Not to mention the fact that there are no further levels or more enemies which are harder to kill or something. No way of points, or counting your kills. No improving your armor. Nothing. It is quite simple if you ask me, I think you should make it more complicated or it will get boring after a while. Also, when you click at "play again" it links you to the main page, which mean you should click on play another time. And then on this dialogue between Pico and Nene, it could be nice if you could just skip it all.

The game was pretty humorous for a game I suppose, most of the humour comes from the violence, which could be improved a lot.

Anyway, the game is pretty good, you just need to improve a few things, the most important ones between them are: adding more levels, linking to the beginning of the game instead of the main page and adding to the level of sophistication. Besides that, it was good, well done :-)

Hey.. it's Tom and Mindchamber...HOORAY!!

thanks for the little surprise ya guys... pretty fun game indeed...


How the hell...

Are the judges gonna decides who wins this Pico Day?, alot of good shit out there.

Anyway back to this. Mindchamber your style of animation yets to amaze me, and Tom, the game is bugless... Very well made, fun, simple game. Good work!

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
12:16 PM EDT
Action - Other