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Toast! ep.3

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With guest star Guerilla Glock!

Attention newgrounds, you have to thank "milinko959" for all these toasts, and the many to come! Also, you can AIM him to tell him thank you! At "greatmilinko55".

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^^Good Points^^
Not a bad addition to the series. This collab was actually mildly entertaining. I liked PT's part the best, which was just funny to watch, and Chokey's part wasn't bad either, though it didn't make much sense at all.

^^Needs Improving^^
Each part is really short and doesn't have much entertainment value because of this. I thought that Guerilla's part was just bad as it really wasn't funny at all and had bad music too.

(( I liked this one ))

Haha this one was funny, made me laugh and i noticed you put more then just two which was nice, this one seems to be more funny then most of the ones i have seen, anyways nice job and effort.

Add one more clip.

Funny epsiode of the toast series.


Still Not That Great

--The Good--

Well, we found out what that guy was looking at; and that's probably why I gave you guys a 3 in humour. The sound was good, too. The graphics and style weren't bad, either.

--The Improvement-Needing--

PT's part was just awful (except for the sound), and so was GuerrilaGlock's part. Yeah... I guess that's pretty much it...


Overall, I gave you guys a 4. This series still needs some improving.



Wow a third member introduced in this edition let the games begin. Chokey i am so glad that you showed us the wonder that was infront of the character and for those first time viewers its incredible!, P.T you hit me with that insane style again man that song choice was so pimpin' too and lastly our new comer Guerilla Glock, you also got that song choice right and i loved the violence although i would have liked to have seen the rabbit reacting to the bullets. Overall i just cant go past that great conclusion for Chokey's flash, Go Chokey!

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


I'm a nigga

Don't make me pop yah

ChokeyB responds:


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4.11 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
6:43 AM EDT