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05/04 - Slew of bug fixes.
--Thanks for front page Mr. Fulp--
P.I.C.O. - Pico's Infantry, covert operatives!
This was a mad 20 day rush.
4 characters + 2 unlockable characters
7 weapons + 2 unlockable weapons
4 levels to fight on with varying gravity.
All terrain destroyable!!


It's quite addicting...

It's fun but, the uber kids got it too easy, they tend to walk through solid objects(helped me win...a lot), artillery mode seems...stupid...seeing as how they have HOMING missles....Other than that though, this was fun, good job.

PS. add sound

BoMToons responds:

Just fixed a bunch of stuff, please come back and check out my latest update. (still no sound though, sorry)

its a good game

Its a good game, and addictive too. but whats with the girl killing herself? is that just some funny thing you put into the game? well anyway, its a 7.


there was a bug if u quit to main and start a new gam u was stuck in mid-air and couldn't move

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Could have been perfect

This game has so much potential. If it was for the bugs (stalling in the middle of game play, reloading with lost information, etc.) I would have voted it a five.

Gotta work out the kinks, man.

Frustrated players doth not a good score make.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks for the review. I just put up a bunch of bug fixes, please come back and let me know what you think of the newest release.


it was indeed a fun game though it had way to many glitches. thouygh out of all the glitches i encountered my fav by far was that once i made one of my members warp and the enstant they hit the groud and went on the enmies team ( there health turned red) then on top of that they were invincable. good times good times

BoMToons responds:

Strange, I think that's fixed now. Please come back and check out my recent update.

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3.93 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
6:42 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery