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05/04 - Slew of bug fixes.
--Thanks for front page Mr. Fulp--
P.I.C.O. - Pico's Infantry, covert operatives!
This was a mad 20 day rush.
4 characters + 2 unlockable characters
7 weapons + 2 unlockable weapons
4 levels to fight on with varying gravity.
All terrain destroyable!!


Nice simple game

Well the animation looked great.
The Terrain design was good too.
One thing that makes this better than P.I.CO. 2 is that each character has their own special move.
Although nene's sucks.
One of the real problems is that there is NO SOUND?
Buy it's still a fun game.
It lacks variety however.

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An excellent piece of flash. A nice worms-style interface which lots of people can relate too, great grahpics and gameplay and unlockable characters which adds to the lastability. Well done.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks a lot. Glad you appreciated the thought put into it. I just updated it with a bunch of bug fixes, please come back and check it out again!


Good remake! I like te multiple characters and weapons. Who is the seventh character?

Great game.

I had alot of fun playing it, especially after the bugs were fixed. Originally the game got too tedious, mainly because it seemed like the uber kids just shot their special all the time, and were dead accurate with it. And you also couldn't play anything but the first artillery mode, at least for me anyway...well, on with the review:

Graphics: They were great. Very cute little characters, and the maps were well detailed. Only complaint I have here is that the water didn't move, but I understand that was probably because you ran out of time. Hopefully that'll change in the sequel.

Style: Very stylish, and just like worms. You'd make the original designers proud...or pissed off, because you emulated it so well.

Sound: There was none, and that was the major flaw I found in this game (after the bug fixes). Although you ran out of time in making this, so that really doesen't bother me a whole lot. Hell, I used to mute the original worms and play some of my own music anyway.

Violence: No excessive violence, exactly how it should be. Only blood I saw was the special attack of the final character you can earn, and that was fine. Once again, like the original worms, somewhat "cute" death animations, and nothing grotesque.

Interactivity: It was a game, so of course this score is high. I did find the movement of the game awkward at times, though, as sometimes I would end up in a wall or something like that. I also didn't like downhill movement that much, since it was trying to display their falling animations the whole time. Other than that it's great.

Humor: I didn't really find anything very humorous about it, other than the little characters and their animations. I'm sure a younger crowd would love it, though.

Overall, this was a great piece of flash work, especially for how quickly you made it. If there is any advice I can give, make sure the next one has music and sound effects, and thoroughly bug test it before release. It was great though, and I look forward to your future work. Good job.

BoMToons responds:

Great review! I think all your criticisms are spot on. I hope to make a sequel one day.


this game is awesome, but there is a glich that occors almost every time i play. When the level starts, either the first or all of the characters are stuck in the air, and it wont let me do anything (presumably because they havent hit the ground. the problem even persists when i quite and reload the game.

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3.93 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
6:42 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery