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Tribute To Pico

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Update: Happy B-day to good'ol' Tom too ^_^
Tribute to Pico: my and ArtMike's Pico day flash. I have to say this came up pretty well, as Pico means really much for all true NG fans out there. Although the graphics are not the best the words and plot is what matters. Even if we will not win a prize we will be proud to have our movie in the Pico Day 2006 collection along with all the other good flashes. Shadow_Pokemon and ArtMike wish you a happy Pico Day :)


Good job.

you did a good job with the flash but PICO is super gay.

ok.... BUT!

Just wondering, but this seems strangely familiar to another site. I can't post the URL though. w w w. <name.here> . you are mighty. com
was this copied? were you copied? or was it based on that... just wondering.

otherwise: Nice music, and some of the pics were Ok. first one i didnt like, and some of the others, but otherwise, well done.

CaramelAppleClock responds:

yeah i got the idea from aninote dot com
we found out too late bout pico day so we had to find something past so i remembered this site. i looked into the music used.. downloaded it and then tried to make a copy cat of that movie

sauked to an all time high

You sauk at making flashes, so dont even try any more!

Hmm, not a good tribute!

The graphics in this flash are quite good. Nice drawings of Pico, Darnell and Nene. The animation in this flash, there wasn't any real animation. :( Just the text and images fading away. The sound, there's music. This flash, as I said, I didn't find it very good. OK, some of those text were quite interesting to read, but overall, I just thought this flash wasn't very good. That's just me. Anyway, happy Pico Day!

/Mathias Andersson

I hope u ppl are happy with the tribute. :D

This is one of my first films... I hope I will come back with an Sonic movie :D I hope you have seen the transformation from the first Pico and the last ones.... :D....from ball mouse to the optical one... :D

CaramelAppleClock responds:

lmao yeah the first 2-3 images he made was with my ball-mouse (need to get optic) then he went by his house and made the rest xD

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Apr 30, 2006
5:54 AM EDT