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My Velouria

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Wallas, Greg, and Jeff of The Teatons fight boredom in their trusty car the 'Velouria'. They take on aliens, Monsters, and randomness in this music video to The Pixie's song 'Velouria', which oddly enough is a million times better than the actual video I learned they had already made after making this cartoon XD (they es me second favurite band ehhh)

Oh, and created for The Teatons Random Music Video Contest, which won first place YOOOOS!!!!

See The Teatons guys in their first movie here: http://www.newgrounds.co

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Interesting and strange

notbad with colors and characters but it sorta gets strange at times,, i found it interesting and entertaining and did make me laugh somewhat, besides that its notbad at all.

Well the size needs some compression, thats a start i the right direction.

Strange and funny.


good one

that was a pretty cool animation. the drawings in this one were pretty good and the song in this one was awesome. i've never heard that song before, but i'm sure glad i have now since it was pretty good and it was a beautiful fit for this animation too.


that was bloody fantastic. everything about it was flawless, apart from, ITS PICO DAY!!!!! did you forget?????? i think you should probably submit this another day, cos the focus is all on Pico. brilliant flash, loved it, the style was bold, and vibrant. very well done.


... good flash, but, unfortunately, you picked the worst day possible to submit it! Today is Pico day, which means everyone's attention is him and all the flashes created in his honor, which means a nifty movie like this one, which normally could be among the top 5 submissions, is reduced to the tiny score it now has... shame really. In technical terms, it was very well animated and had a really interesting drawing style; in fact, the overall style was really different and, well, stylish. The music rocks (my favorite Pixies music by far) and the on-screen timing (between the music and the animation) was flawless. All in all, the right movie, at the right place, in the wrong time...

Very good

Very well done. The graphics and sound is excellent. It is a very well done and well put together flash movie. I love the style of the animation.
I close in saying "HUZZAH!"