Pico's Day To Die

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Update -- October 19th 2007 --
insanezane11 tells me he scored 101 kills. Looks like thats the score to beat :)

Update -- June 11th 2006 --
New Controls. Move with the arrows. Aim and shoot with the mouse.

-- Wow, front page. Thanks alot! --

Requires Flash Player 8.
If you want to play it with a better frame rate save it and open it from your desktop.

**Tip: Sometimes you will need to walk backwards to shoot faster approaching enemies, don't just walk into them. You can also use the TurnAround button to avoid the tiny white guys.

Happy Pico Day Everyone! In between doing my university assignments I've been stuggling to get this game finished in time for Pico Day. I hope you enjoy it.

My personal best score so far is 63 kills. See if you can beat it.



i got 27

i rate 10

i really liked this game by the way i olmost reached your score =P soo i rate 10 to your game =) keep making more games cuz this 1 is Fun

Hard but love the mini dudes

This game is sooo HARD!!!But i do love the mini dudes


the game was hard but fun!
trick for getting past mini dudes if they get too close to shoot is turn one direction then turn the same just before it reaches you. shooting the suicidal bomber is hard but shoot him in the head!shoot the bikers body not bike

really dam hard

i gave u a 10 cause ur getting shitty scores but the game really is 2 hard i got to 11 kills then i got my head chopped off by motorcycle dude after i had just killed one

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3.50 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2006
1:17 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun