Medieval Defense

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Your castle is under attack. And you're the only defense in it, a mage. A mere mage against a whole horde of enemies, from soldiers to dragons, defend your castle, upgrade your weapons, get more ammo and spells, in this medieval game!

Artwork by Darkfire_Blaze
Programming by pyro111

Thanks for watching, voting, and reviewing!


brief view

Some bugs where you die and cannot restart game. plus the arrow hit you when it shouldnt.

other than that i think the game is slightly hard. just sliiiiiightly. goob job.

Blaze responds:

Haha. Admit it, its goddamn hard!

I mean, thanks!

goblins are overpowered

they are way too fast to kill unless you have a really good trigger finger. but great game and add some upgrades

It's an ok defense game

I can see why your score isn't higher and i can give yea some tips to make it better.
First and foremost those arrows that shoot at you constantly shouldn't hurt you while they're in the air. They make the game waaaay more harder than it should be.
Secondly, it was a good idea to add in a button that lets you go instantly to the buy menu and it works for some games, but for this one i think it'd add difficulty to the game if you made the player wait untill a set time.
Thirdly, I didn't get very far in this game namely for the fact that your fast low healthed units completely ripped through my castle. Personaly i think that if your going to have units that move that fast, your gonna have to reduce they're dmg. Even if they are just suicide bombers you should have they're attack some where in between your foot soldiers and your golems.
Lastly, I would check out the game again. I think there are a few glitches still. I was trying all the buttons out to see what they and some how i managed to get the game to go back to the title screen and it wouldn't let me play till i closed the window and reopened it. Also your preloader didn't work for me, but it might of just been me
but you might want to check that out.
This game has definite potential. It just needs a few minor tweaks and it'll be definite front page material. But as it is right now your just short. So Keep with it man

Blaze responds:

First off, thanks for the review.

I actually didnt notice they could hit you while you were in the air, i mean, that could've been fixed with a few _currentframes. If i would just have noticed...

Well, goblins are actually easy to get through if you have the thunder spell, or have upgraded at least twice your fire spell's strenght. Which will take them down with one hit. I think.

The preloader works, its just a "loading" text, nothing like a loadbar.

I know, it was for a contest, so we were really short on time. I must apologize for that...



its not all that bad ok grahfics nice set of spells and a good challange but you should add more monsters,lower the cost of upgrades and spells,raise the cost of heal nad heath up,add more room to move in,inprove the help guide,and mabe as side thing add something cool like hire help or towers or plaer select (i would rate this 6.5 if i knew how too) otherwise good game

Hmm pretty good

Pretty good. not many castle defenses have a movable character which is good. The lightning is the only real practical weapon on there. You can upgrade the lighting to 300 damage or so and it is the only one that can have a 1 reload time. I like wasting time I guess cause I just played until lvl 25 until I saw how repetitive it gets. Maybe a few more enemies will give it a higher score, but i speak the obvious..lol. its good to keep these games away from auto defenses because its easy to learn how to make them do the work indefinitely. I know you did that..just giving you props for that. Good game overall though

Blaze responds:


We wanted to have a highscore table, but we couldnt...

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2006
5:04 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed