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Medieval Defense

rated 3.30 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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Apr 29, 2006 | 5:04 PM EDT

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Your castle is under attack. And you're the only defense in it, a mage. A mere mage against a whole horde of enemies, from soldiers to dragons, defend your castle, upgrade your weapons, get more ammo and spells, in this medieval game!

Artwork by Darkfire_Blaze
Programming by pyro111

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

wat was that

that was a general piece of crap putting in an easier way to defend yourself from arrows might be good and affordible spells would be alot better


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

It can be pretty fun if you get into it but there's little variety in the ememies.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice idea but..

Glitchy and definetly need to be revamped. I do like the idea, but it's basically like all of the other defense games, only worse. The only real change-up was the fact that it was a mage and not a turret/soldier with a gun.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Only play this gme if u wish 2 be discusted

Omfg that was so fucking wierd. Dont worry this aint all bad stuff there is good stuff and improvement to but read the whole thing.

That game itself is a piece of shit in a bucket. I mean you would have to be really high on something while playing in slow mottion to enjoy that game. Right now i feel bad for everyone who has played or wathched someone play that game as they are now even worse at playing and posibly reviewing shity games.

I mean that game COULD have been fun but instead u decide to make it a piece of shit pie. Like it would be better if you changed the name. Hmmm Medieval Defense sounds alot like DYNOMIC DEFENCE freakin noob(or noob game). The Monsters or what ever they were moved so fast you couldn't even attack them and live plus when i was the retarded elf thing that shot flames out of his hand i keept on getting hit by arrows which i was away from!! It is way 2 fast!! God Damn it

Also its originality was lacking in just about every thing

But there were some good things. Yes good things. Although it lacked in originality it WOULD have been fun if it wasn't so damn fast and the arrows weren't so wierd and like always hit u. Plus if the monsters were cooler that would own!

Back to the bad. The title reminded me of my favorite defence games like defend the castle and dynomic defence. Then I go ahead and play you'r game and im like WHUT DE FUCK is this? It was a big let down. :( i am sorry to say but it was horrible.

You your self are probably a good flash game maker but dont make the games so bloody fast slow it down and add more originality or make it more like the other games with people who can help and that kind of stuff. Really you could make a really easy going game or hard (makeing differint modes of course) add some better grafics in and then i would be happy plus add more things then just shooting flames out of your hands. Like add in a click to kill or a drag and drop option too so u can alternate durring the game.

Please make another better game and take what i said into consederation and then you will become the best DEFENCE game maker ever... or so i hope


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

goblins are overpowered

they are way too fast to kill unless you have a really good trigger finger. but great game and add some upgrades