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LL-big sword bandwagon

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If you havent made any passing flash, your opinion doesn't matter to me you 12 year old NGers.

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It was ikay.. But I REALLY REALLY want to know what the hell thoes alternating arrows were for. they.. annoyed me, they distracted me throughout your movie... so, yeah, what pourpose do they serve?

Heh good

I thought it was a little funny, not really much action or anything but a good quick flash to brighten up someones day... (or something).

Anyway PBL is always right, they are all idiots. 3/5.

Almost perfect.

I laughed, I cried, I payed my taxes. But seriously, it was funny. As far as graphics go... you're a lock so there not that great, no effence. Sound... those voices get annoying. Swords = My kind of violence. The buttons worked. Best. Lock movie. Yet.


peanutbutterclawk responds:

thanks man I'm glad you like it, but this isn't the greatest lock movie, the stuff in the collection page is good though.

It made me laugh pretty hard

And thats all that matters.

peanutbutterclawk responds:


Yeah that was kinda fun :)

Little short but hey, maybe it is meaned to be a "shorty" xD

peanutbutterclawk responds:

yeah, it was I was really bored today.