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Sweet Mouse

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Look the revenge of the mice towards the gummi bears ;)
This one take a long time..... we're happy about your reviews.

Mobmaster and McMichi

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i loled

i loled at the part where the mouse shoots the bear out its butt.

(( LOL funn and nice idea ))

LOL this was funny, and i like the idea of gumi bears something i dont think anyone else has done, but anyways funny and sad ha, anyways nice animation keep it up.

compress the huge file.

funny and neat idea with gummi bears.


Benny Hill!!!!

That was fun and i Lurved the muzik! Benny hill roxors your soxors...
Ahem... Ok the breakdown:

Graphics: 7
Stop motion animation is awesome, however it isn't anything radical or amazing that broke any real barriers here so i gave 7. Otherwise it was a beautifully done piece that made me chuckle more than once with its simplistic style and wit.

Style: 10
The war of the gummy beasts...what is more awe-inspiring that that....nothing I suppose...

Sound: 9
Benny hill music...yes...totally pwning...

Violence: 3
It had the cantipated mice shoot dead bears...wasn't gruesome but that counts

Interactivity: 0
it twas a movie

Humor: 10
Made me laugh...

Overall: 9
Greatjob to youse and good luck on future ones. Hope you retain that quirky sense of humor.

*note: for those who dont know, benny hill was an old british TV star. He is sort of the precursor to SNL, with several humorous short skits at late night. Some of which could be rather lewd, even for the times which were the 60's ish?

he he that was worth it

You know something, that was funny and sweet.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! MICE!!!!!! GUMMI BEARS!!! *ahem* That was.... okay.....

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2006
2:03 PM EDT