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Gangland, Madness Style

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Okay first of all don't give this zero if you just don't like 3d animation.

Basically this is an extract from a film me and a friend are currently working on, a 3d animated, full colour tribute to madness (it's also serving as a remake of an earlier film).

There's no need to point out my "mistakes" in madness style, I know the camera is always side-scrolling in madness but isn't here, and I making it in colour is very different for a madness tribute. So don't bother telling me.

Anyway, enjoy. Since this is my 2nd submission, I'm open to any advise.

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(( NOTBAD ))

This was notbad, i like the 3d, but it does make for a larger file, which takes longer to download and in turn not asmany users getting to enjoy the flash, but it was neat i like the madness style.

Compresion would really improve on this, it would also allow more people to view it and less download is always a good thing on newgrounds, even if you cut it into a few parts so that each file is not so large, anyways try and "COMPRESS" it as much as you can.

Decent 3d, nice flash.



wtf i thought this was suppose 2 b good cause its in madness.

triplustwo responds:

Witty, satirical and to the point. Nice job man, you didn't waste time beating around the bush.


The blood was really really good, best i have seen, in fact. I know its blurry because you imported it from another program, so that didnt bug me. I was reading your replys to some of the reveiws though, when somebody says your movie wasnt good, dont say some dumb stuff like ''get some pubes, half pint'' because its just being imature, and your using age to justify the fact that hes wrong... thats kinda fucked up.

Good movie anyways, please make more. You have a talent for this sort of thing :).

triplustwo responds:

Thanks for the flattering review. I'm a pacifist now, so no more picking on children from me!

Um that was bad

Ok that was nothing like madness,it was blurry i know you think it looks better but i disagree.You used sprites for the gun,bad sprites.
Also there was NO 3D effects and i don't think this 3D was supposed to come out the screen at me!You don't need to use Flash to review it and call it bad.I use Flash and i animate.
Oh and your reply's are crappy and like a nine year old.

P.S i can tie my shoes aswell.
PP.S i am not the same guy you retarded shit.

triplustwo responds:

Oh my god Dude. You have way too many accounts. Seriously, get a life. So you reply to everything I said to you, then hastily deny its you. Okay, find something better to do with your life man. Or you'll die a miserable virgin who acheived nothing in life but pester Newgrounds memebers when he was 10 years old. I didn't use sprite dishit this wasn't even done on flash, so I doubt you actuallu use flash. Since you clearly ARE that same guy AGAIN. What is this, four times you've reviewed me now? If you don't want it to be obvious it's you, STOP MAKING REFERENCES TO YOUR WON EARLIER COMMENTS. Now please, don't take this as a challenge or a reason to create yet another acount, you're not proving anything and nobody is going to suck your dick if you "win". Seriously, you will get nowhere. Take this reply as a message to go out and live. And I mean that, I'm not insulting you, you really should go outside, get drunk or smoke pot or whatever. Throw a party, have a foghtm do SOMETHING. Other than make another account and continue your sad little 10 year old vendetta. You'll look back on yourself in a few years and realise how stupid you are. Remember I said this.


this movie was good but the picture was all blury so it was crap and there was no speach so redo the whole movie if u want a good movie

triplustwo responds:

this review was good but it was bad becuase he didnt use punctuation and it was like one big sentence and so he sounded like an excited 10 year old and he contradicted himself but he made some good points maybe i will draw over it one day like a friends suggested once for a different film when i was round his house and then i made some tea and i like 3 sugars in mine and he was like omg and so i drank the tea and yes maybe i will one day finish this sentence and get around to drawing this movie into flash but maybe no yet or even in a week or even two weeks or a while becuase its the six week holiday and i doubt anyone is still reading so ill stop

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2006
4:56 AM EDT