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DistortedView! #2

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The host named Tim takes wierd stories where people die/suffer and mocks it.

More of my crap - www.lazymuffin.deviantart.com

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oh Riokushinaku shut the fuck up

incet victims dont bitch and moan as much as you do i hope you get tea bagged


Riokushinaku is totally right. This was so wrong for those kids to do to him. Regardless, this is a hilarious flash. If anyone wants to bitch and moan over the fact that the joke is at some one else's expense, do it somewhere else.



Wow.... you people don't understand this story...

I'm sure you know this is actually a true story. I remember watching it on the news. For the people who say, "Oh he just got teabagged, get over it." No, he didn't just get teabagged. They held him down, rubbed their nuts in his face and then raped him with a banana. That's just sick and those boys who did it need to either be in prison or dead, I don't care if their not 18. Tell you guys what. I'm a well built 21 year old man. I don't care how old you are just figure this. If me and some buddies saw you in an alley and force you to the ground then I rubbed my balls all over your face. Then we flipped you over and shoved a dildo up your ass, would you just get up and be like, "Oh haha, thats such a funny joke. That's just an innocent prank kids play on each other, I don't feel bad at all." No! You would say me and my friends raped you. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENDED TO THIS KID, HE WAS RAPED!!!! R.A.P.E.D RAPED!! That is not just a little innocent prank kids do to each other. Rape isn't funny and it is not a prank. Grow up, get a life, find a psychiatrist, or go shoot yourselves because you are messed up in the head. And if you think that what happened to him was ok, then you think rape is ok and will probably (or already have) rape someone. You people are sick.

I love you!!

No really, I wouldn't have found DV with out you. and the animations are pure win

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4.08 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2006
10:27 PM EDT