Pacman - The Movie

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UPDATE: OMG thanks so much for putting this on the front page!...this is awsome! ever since I joined newgrounds I dreamed of getting front page! thanks alot! :D
UPDATE: wow even daily 3rd! thanks alot to everyone who voted! sorry I can't respond to every review anymore but I always read them!

Hey its another movie from me! If you like my other movies you'll like this one because I think it's one of my best! (this one is a sprite movie by the way)
anyway I got the idea for this movie when I heard they were making a Pacman movie coming to theaters. I thought "How could they make a pacman MOVIE?!"

well I came up with this lol


UPDATE: by the way the pacman turns 3d during fight scenes because i thought it fit in better :)


i give the creators props for this

this movie was funny if anything!!! who could tell pacman could kick so much @$$!!!!


I want ultimate showdown back there.....this doesnt deserve it


it was ok
it was quite boring at times and the graphics could have been better but it was the best out of any thing related to pac man ive ever sceen



It's been done.

Actually, the IMDB link's a farce. There is no Pac-Man movie, the link was added by a IMDB viewer. Funny how something released at the beginning of the month is copied at the end of the month while the actual IMDB link's been around since 2005 without a word spoken of it.

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averageroadkill responds:

wow, sorry, but i don't watch every movie on newgrounds to see if it's been done already. do you really expect every movie on newgrounds to be a completely new original idea? by the way, i didn't copy your movie. I didn't even know about it until someone said my movie was like yours. and besides our movies are really nothing at all alike, except they're both about the pacman movie. your movie was completely different then mine. i don't know why people keep saying its a copy.

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Apr 28, 2006
9:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody