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Pacman - The Movie

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UPDATE: OMG thanks so much for putting this on the front page!...this is awsome! ever since I joined newgrounds I dreamed of getting front page! thanks alot! :D
UPDATE: wow even daily 3rd! thanks alot to everyone who voted! sorry I can't respond to every review anymore but I always read them!

Hey its another movie from me! If you like my other movies you'll like this one because I think it's one of my best! (this one is a sprite movie by the way)
anyway I got the idea for this movie when I heard they were making a Pacman movie coming to theaters. I thought "How could they make a pacman MOVIE?!"

well I came up with this lol


UPDATE: by the way the pacman turns 3d during fight scenes because i thought it fit in better :)


Loved the mix

~The good~

I loved how you used the sprites in this flash, very stylish and graphics moved as smooth as ever. The best part of this flash had to be the sound and music; sure you didn't add your voices, but the matrix voices you added were lip synched proffesionally, which is probobly hard with pac-man characters. Also, the music that you used was great in the background and kept you entertained through the whole flash.

~The bad~

The file size was kind of wide and small. Also, you claim this is a movie even though this is a preview; some advice: don't confuse your viewers, they'll get mad.

Overall, a very stylish blend of two old classics. I hope my review was helpful.


averageroadkill responds:

thanks alot for the review

If that's a preview, I can't wait to see the movie

That was great!!!!! But why did you keep swiching what pacman looked like?

averageroadkill responds:

well the 3d pacman fit better during the fight scenes in my opinion, thats why it changed

thanks for the review :)

NOt bad..............

Hey you know it can be better without old sprites....the neo-`pacman its okay, though

it looked like Matrix or something?........its good material.

averageroadkill responds:

thanks yes it is supposed to be a rip off of the matrix, it makes it funny lol.

because its pac man :)

Best Thing I've seen all day

As the title says; " that was the best thing i've seen all day". Keep it up man! :)

By the way I fav'd it.

averageroadkill responds:

thanks alot man :)


Twas' the funniest thing I saw today.
Nice job:)

averageroadkill responds:

lol thanks

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2006
9:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody