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This is a flash tag. Me and Wario2k3 sent this back and forth to each other each adding little bits here and there, thus creating the extremly weird animation you see before you.....................
DungeonMastah: and what's the movie called
DungeonMastah: Hortence Hallucinates lol
DungeonMastah: or
Fololo 311: Hortence, I assumed
DungeonMastah: just Hortence is good
Fololo 311: Hortence Hallucinates is good
Fololo 311: although it might not fit
Fololo 311: seeing as Hallucinates has like 40 letters in it

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It's a nice movie! The style of drawing is simple and unique, and the animation is smooth. you chose a good audio track as well. I like the cateyes and the fuziness of the main character, heh, it's pretty unique. Keep up the great work!



Hah well... I'm a big fan of strange. I had no clue as to what the hell was going on...

This is... a little too strange for me. Good job, though.

(( WACKY ))

Wacky animation, kinda like he is on drugs and goes into this whole new world that part you really presented it well, and was entertaining, i like all the colors and wacky characters, a strange but neat animation...

Just make more like this one...

Entertaining and wacky animation, nice job, hope to see more wacky stuff like this, nice work...


ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


There must've been something bad in that sucker.

Some more amazing animation by Zekey/Wario2k3. Not one of my favorites from you, but shit, how can I complain?

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

ffff f f ff f f

bedn's bane

i never knew you worked with wario2k3 well no more helium for me without my meds.