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This is what happens when you're bored.
use your window ship to kick rain ASS!!!
and some cool bosses too.
available in 1 or 2 players.


A very good game, but not particularly original

The game was actually quite good, to be fair. tHe reason i chose 3 for style was because this game is not particularly original, and is probably a lot easier to produce than most other games. however, the game graphic wise was really good, and of course there are a few points where the background has some random humour. the introdcution was good, but I think that you could build up over your experience of making this kind of appearance of a game for anther type of gamer, perhaps taking on the idea of a new game, or adding new rules to advance on this game?

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Fun with windows... and I ain't talking Microsoft!

Fine, it's pretty simple, but anyone who remembers playing Space Invaders in the arcades will get a kick out of this game. It's something we all did back then when we were stuck in traffic or waiting for Mom at the grocery store window - imagined we were blowing shit up! A bit choppy (that could be my PC, though), but fun.


nicely done i really don't care if you stole the idea cause many briliant games are copyed by others and sometimes its a good game but im not so sure if this game is so good the thougest thing of this game is not to get bored en fell asleep

watching rain fell down on a window is maybe a bit more better

so close

i wuz so close to killin the boss, jus one more shot at it and it will be defeated. unfortunately i died at the moment, however i tink that it is a very nice game, nice graphics too! 9 is the highest i hav ever given! ^^


Not bad, the game had my attention for quite a while. Just take it further! This could easily be the next -Frantic- or major game along those lines, but you just need to really up the gaming experience. It was fun for a while, but the weapon upgrades got boring and it started to seem, slow. Not as in performance, but as in activity. It didnt keep my attention for a while. You have some good programming skills, just take a while and make a game that really would keep someone occupied for a good long while. Make in-game achievements, level selects, weapon upgrades, different ships, etc. You've got it going fo you, just build on it.

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3.60 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2006
2:28 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight